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Manually Marking an Item as In or Out

By manually marking an Item as In or Out, you can indicate whether or not it has arrived at your warehouse or storage space. This allows you and your customer or client to easily keep track of the whereabouts of Items, without having to produce movement paperwork.

To manually mark an Item as In or Out:

  1. Click Jobs on the left of the page and select a Job from the list.

  2. Click Items at the top of the screen.

  3. Select the Item you would like to mark as In or Out.

    You can see if an Item is currently In or Out by looking at the In column of the Jobs list

    • **Red Cross**: means the Item is currently Out.
    • **Green Tick**: means the Item is currently In.
  4. Click on Components (blue arrow).

  5. Click Mark as Out or Mark as In (orange arrow). to change an Item’s In or Out status. When you mark an Item as In or Out, an entry will be logged on the Item’s history screen, which includes the date that the status was changed.