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Adding Pictures to an Item

Adding pictures to Items enables you to keep the Item images where you can find them easily, as well as allowing customers and clients to view Item images from the Eos Publish platform.

To add pictures to a single Item

  1. Navigate to the Jobs screen and select a Job from the list.

  2. Navigate to and select the Item you’d like to add a picture to. You can use the search bar and filters at the top of the page to help you locate the Item.

  3. Click Pictures (aqua arrow)

  4. Click Add (pink arrow) and select the image(s) you’d like to upload. Eos currently supports all modern image file formats. Images are uploaded and shown at full resolution.

    Notes: Keep notes for a picture by hovering your mouse over the Notes flyout (purple arrow)

You can add more than one image to each Item, and scroll through the attached images using the arrow buttons above the picture.

You can set a picture to be an Item’s primary picture by scrolling to a picture and clicking Primary (lime green arrow).

To batch add pictures to any matching Items within a Shipment

Use the Batch Add Pictures To Shipment function available via the Tools menu (pink arrow) to assign images to any matching Items within a Shipment in one action.

  1. Organise your image files in a single folder.

  2. Prefix the name of each image file with the corresponding Item ID number.

    Multiple image files for a single Item will be handled providing they have the correct Item ID prefix.

  3. Back in Eos, navigate to the Shipment containing the Items you wish to assign pictures to.

  4. Click on the Tools menu and then Batch Add Pictures To Shipment.

  5. Navigate to the folder containing the pictures and select all of those you wish to assign.

  6. Click on Open and Eos will start matching and processing the image files.

    Note: This process takes place in the background and you can carry on working on other tasks in Eos while it runs. You will be notified when it completes.