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Legacy Eos: Create Web User

For a third party to access Eos Publish, they need to have a legacy Eos Web User account created for them to give them access to your Jobs & Shipments.


❗ All Eos desktop app users should at minimum have access to a restricted version of the Users allowing solely for the creation and management of Web Users. If your Users button is greyed out, this is because of a misconfiguration. Please notify support for assistance.


Follow these steps to create a Web User account in legacy Eos:

  1. Navigate to Users

  2. Click on New

  3. Specify a username

    ⚠️ Note about usernames: Please do not specify a an email address a username, it will be too long. Instead use the section before the @ as a username

  4. If you have the option to set the Clearance please make sure it is set to Web User

  5. Specify an email address

    ⚠️ Note about email:The email address specified here must match the one the third party user will use to sign up

  6. You do not need to set a password for this account

Creating an Eos Web User

What's Next?

Once you have created your Eos Web User send your third party user the following:

  • The username you created under step 3
  • Ask them to complete Sign Up at:
  • Send the above to the email address specified for that username in step 5
  • Visit the next part of this support topic Sign Up to Eos Publish