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Confirming a Movement

A Movement can be confirmed when the delivery or collection of the Items has been completed and all the necessary paperwork has been signed, dated and returned. To confirm a Movement:

  1. Navigate to Movements.

  2. Select the Movement you want to confirm from the list at the top.

  3. Click Confirm and select the date the Movement took place.

    You can also undo a confirmation by clicking Unconfirm.

If this is an outward movement note, then this fully confirms the Movement and there are no more steps you need to complete.

If this is an inward or stationary movement note, then there are some additional optional details you can add to each Item manually, such as component details and dimensions. To do this, select an Item from the Item list in the centre of the screen and add details as follows:

Component: An Item’s component details can be found in the list at the bottom of the screen.

To speed up the process of entering component details, you can duplicate details to selected Items or all other Items in a Movement by clicking Duplicate Selected Component To... and selecting All Items in Movement or Selected Items.

Dimensions: To set an Item’s dimensions, click Dimensions at the bottom of the screen.

Condition Report/Item Notes: Enter any notes you want to add into the columns on the Items list in the middle pane.

To speed up this process, you can duplicate Condition Reports to selected Items or all other Items in the note by clicking Duplicate Selected Item’s Condition To... and selecting All Items in Movement or Selected Items.

There may be occasions where one or more Items are not ready for collection or delivery, and a Movement will need to be rescheduled for another day. You can do this by selecting the Item from the list in the middle pane and clicking Not Moved. The Item’s status reverts back to what it was before the movement note was generated. You can reverse this by clicking Undo Not Moved.