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Adding Contacts and Authorising Contacts to be Invoiced

Working with Contacts

A Contact is anyone that has a part in the process of a Job. For example, this could be a customer, a supplier or an agent. Adding these details to your Contact list makes them easier to find and easier to manage. Every time you need to add a Contact’s details to a Job, Shipment, or Item, you can select it from a list of saved Contacts, rather than having to type the Contacts details out again. It also minimises the chance of mistakes appearing in your database.

To add a new Contact

  1. Navigate to Contacts (aqua arrow).

  2. Click New at the top of the screen.

  3. Now you can enter the Contact details. This includes information like names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses. These can be typed into to text boxes provided, or selected from the dropdown menus.

  4. Select which kind of Contact they are by selecting one of the tick-boxes. These selections will determine under which circumstances a Contact can be employed under various scenarious.

    • Agent
    • Warehouse
    • Primary Location
    • Cost Supplier
    • ICEFAT

To authorise a Contact to be invoiced

To authorise a Contact to be invoiced, you first need to make your Contact an account.

  1. Select the Contact you want to make into an account by clicking it on the Contact list. It’s easier to find a Contact using the search bar at the top, or by filtering your Contact list using the dropdown menu filters.

  2. Click Account (lime arrow). This takes you to the Contact’s account details. When a Contact isn’t an account, you will see Not an Account as the Contact’s account status.

  3. Click Make Account. The result of this action depends on your log-in credentials:

    Users with permission to authorise: The status of the Contact account changes to Authorised.

    The Contact can be invoiced immediately.

    You have now completed the procedure.

    Users without permission to authorise: The status of the Contact account changes to Pending.

  4. To request authorization, click on the key icon. There are two ways to request authorization. You can either send an authorization request by email or have someone with the correct credentials log in on your machine.

    • To gain authorization by email, select Email authorisation request to someone from the dropdown menu and click OK. Next, type the recipient’s email address into the Recipients text box, or select a contact from the Users list on the left.

    • If you would like someone with the correct credentials to authorise the account on your machine, select Enter authorised log in details now and click OK. The log in details can then be entered into the log in box.

      Once the account has been authorised, the account status will change to Authorised.